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Native Ads

Increase your sales and generate a new lead with Adbirt Native Ads that get higher click rates than the regular banner


Cost Per Action

Promote your products or service online pay your desired amount when you make a sale or get a new lead to your business.


Cost Per Sales

You're in total control of your ad budget, set the cost within your means and only pay after a successful sales or leads.

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Cost Per Click

Get unlimited impressions to your business for free and only pay for a valid click when users visit or land on your websites.

Adbirt for Publishers

Signup as a Publisher within minutes & start earning

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Setup your Publishers Account by telling us more about your medium of Monetization.

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Pick a Campaign that is suitable to the interest of your Audience, be it Email list or website.

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Place it on your Website, Email list, Social media handles, WhatsApp group, Blog or other channels.

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Track your earnings and make withdrawal request anytime you earn, No threshold, no limit to earnings.