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We help business owners increase sales and generate new leads online without breaking the bank.


We acknowledge that creating content requires lots of effort. Monetizing it shouldn't be difficult.


Adbirt for

Cost Per Action

Promote your products or service online pay your desired amount when you make a sale or get a new lead to your business.

Cost Per Sales

Increase your sales and generate a new lead with Adbirt Native Ads that get higher click rates than the regular banner.

Cost Per Click

Get unlimited impressions to your business for free and only pay for a valid click when users visit or land on your websites.

Native Ads

Get your product or service display across our Publishers network with Native ads that blend with real organic content and increase your sales.

Create Account

Setup your Publishers Account by tell ing us more about your medium of Monetization.

Website Placement

Place it on your Website, Email list, Social media handles, WhatsApp group, Blog or other channels.

Choose an Ad Campaign

Pick a Campaign that is suitable to the interest of your Audience, be it Email list or website.

Earn and Withdraw

Track your earnings and make withdrawal request anytime you earn, No threshold, no limit to earnings.

What Users have to say

Here are some reviews from our users
and clients

Great platform and very efficient! It clearly and naturally increases the leads of my websites! So happy! And what about the support? Very attentive and responsive! Everything is very professional! A pleasure!

Tom Dave

This is Awesome Ad network, it allows us to set our budget and only pay when sales occur. Working great so far. I'm happy with the results. highly recommended this..! 😊

Christian Simon

These guys are SERIOUS about providing a top quality leads and sales. Their system works great and the customer support is amazing. I had problem using the platform and received the best support. Thanks and keep up the good work!